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Outdoor OR-1200 4G Router – Cat6 Double SIM Extra Strong Wi-Fi


Outdoor OR-1200 4G Router – Cat6 Double SIM Extra Strong Wi-Fi


Cat6 outdoor cellular 4G router supports double SIM cards.

Cat6 AirPrime mobile modem MC7455 inside, provides faster speed Internet connection on Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet.

Supports 2G 3G and 4G cellular networks in North America.

• Cat 6 AirPrime modem Sierra MC7455 with the carrier aggregation.
• MIMO Wi-Fi speed is 300Mbps and supports 57 concurrent users.
• Powered by 48Volt PoE adapter. IP67 rated waterproof case.

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  • 4G Router for Outdoors
  • IP67 rated case withstand extreme weather and rugged deployments.
  • Receive stronger mobile signals than indoor routers
  • Reduce signal loss on the external antenna cable runs
  • Powerful Wi-Fi hotspot for the outside yard up to 300 yards
  • USA 4G Router Cat6 Modem – Double SIM Card
  • 2020 newly upgraded 4G outdoor cellular router! It supports double SIM cards. The router connects to the SIM1 by default. Included is a precision SIM cardholder.
  • It is powered by Cat 6 AirPrime cellular modem with max 300Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed.
  • Supports major North America cellular carriers (Verizon not included.)
  • Connects to 4G-A LTEX, 4G, 3G WCDMA, and 2G cellular networks.
  • Powered by 640MHz CPU, the USA cellular 4G router provides 300Mbps Wi-Fi and 100Mbps LAN Ethernet. You can connect various devices to the 4G router.
  • Built-in 27dBm Wi-Fi booster, the 4G router creates a powerful wireless hotspot and covers up to 150~300 yards radius in an open area. It can support up to 57 concurrent Wi-Fi users. You can adjust the Wi-Fi power or turn it off.
  • Connect switch, router, or computer to the LAN port on PoE adapter, and extend the 4G internet to an indoor area.

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