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Extended Support Plan

Extended Support Plan


The Extended Support Plan

The ESP is one hour of Dedicated Support on any Network Related issues one may have.

Talk to a Level 2 or Level 3 Systems Engineer

Includes Help With – Simple hubs, and switches, POE devices, Mesh Networks, Modem/Router Set up, connecting devices to your Wi-Fi Network, and much more.


Having trouble getting you home system to work properly?

We do offer free support, up to an hour, on the devices we sell here on the site.

This is for those that may have a prebought Signal Booster, Mesh Network, or other Wireless Devices that can be daunting and just plain hard to set up.

Our System Engineers are well versed in Level 2 (like LAN settings) and 3 issues (Networking issues such as printers and other connected devices)

Don’t be caught trying to make different devices work with your network and just being frustrated because of bad manuals or no support from the manufacture.

Talk to an actual Systems Engineer, get your problem solved, and get on with your life.

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