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Managed Wi-Fi Cafe

Anywhere, Everywhere Wireless

The Omni-Range Wi-Fi Café wireless solution caters to the needs of small to medium size businesses looking to provide wireless connectivity for customers who require a wireless connection for their smartphones and wireless devices while patronizing these businesses.Wi-Fi cafe Research shows that with a wireless network, businesses can attract more foot traffic and loyal customer base who are looking to conduct business at the location while using their ever-present wireless devices to communicate with the outside world.

The Wi-Fi Café Targeted Market

The Wi-Fi Café targeted market are corporate and independent coffee shops, restaurants, RV parks, Marinas, Campgrounds including any small to medium size business looking to build a loyal customer base by providing an easy to deploy free or paid wireless network to support their customers’ wireless devices.

Customers in General Prefer Wi-Fi Over Mobile 3G and 4G LTE

Wi-Fi cafeOpenSignal recently completed a report on how much time people spend on their wireless devices in countries that have a well-developed mobile wireless network and the report concluded that people in general prefer a Wi-Fi network over a mobile 3G or 4G network especially for customer with expansive and limited data packages. You can easily get your customer excited by offering a free and secure Wi-Fi Café Network.

Wi-Fi Café Kit: Hardware, Switches, Controller and CAT 5/6 Cables

The turnkey ‘DIY’ Wi-Fi Café Kit is essentially a “WiFi-In-A-Box” that includes configured and programmed wireless 802.11ac commercial grade access points for signal distribution, controller to manage the network and issue IP addresses, switches, CAT 5/6 cables and a splash page to validate users’ login. Our hardware choice for most deployment is the Ubiquiti hardware, however; we are willing to use any commercial brand required by the customer to meet their specific branding requirement.

Wi-Fi Café Network Management and Incident Based Tech Support

The two most important components of any Wi-Fi network including the Wi-Fi Café Network are network management and technical support.

We provide the network management and the technical support as packages ranging from 5 incidents to 15 incidents; each at different price points.Wi-Fi cafe About 10 years ago, wireless networks generated lots of technical support calls, but today, the device tend to work properly for their entire lifespan.

The network management portion of the package provides the owner/admin the ability to create user ID, set bandwidth limits, throttle bandwidth values and further manage the users experience either on site or remotely.