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Wireless Cellular Routers and Hotspots

Omni-Range provides 3G/4G LTE wireless internet data for consumers and Hardware3G and 4G LTE Cellular Towerbusinesses that are located beyond the reach of traditional DSL and Cable internet. The wireless services are delivered from a local cellular tower to an all-in-one Modem/Router/Access Point or a Hotspot . The devices has been provisioned by the engineers at Omni-Range for optimum performance and customer satisfaction.

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3G/4G LTE Rural Wireless

We use Omni-Range’s routers and hotspots that have been certified to work on our networks. They come with a built-in Cellular Modem, a router, a firewall, and an Access Point or Home Wi-Fi. The Omni Range routers all have external antennas in a MIMO configuration for great reception of the cellular signal in rural areas. The Router comes with LAN ports or port, and is adaptable to several external antenna configurations, all in a MIMO setup. The cellular modem part of the devices works on several different bands and frequencies to insure the customer a seamless and consistent experience.

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Price Range for Omni-Range Wireless Devices

These routers, modems, and hot spots go for as much as $50 to $1250 and up. For hardware Omni-Range 4G LTE Wireless customers looking for inexpensive hardware, the Hotspot is the way to go. However, these Hotspots do not have the coding or processing power or input for antennas, which is necessary if your location is further away from the cellular tower. Two antennas are used on most high-end devices for MIMO, using the main antenna port as well as the diversity antenna port. In some rare cases, a booster amplifier is needed too. Also, most Hotspots (Omni-Range’s new hot spot will!) do not work on the latest Bands for all carriers. These Bands are very important because it enables the cellular signal to penetrate walls, trees, tall builds, and other obstructions.

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Omni-Range Machine-to-Machine Wireless Devices for IoT Systems

Omni-Range also provisions and deploys wireless modems and routers/ gateways for the M2M (Machine to Machine) or IoT industry. Applications include POS, ATM Machines, Internet Fail-over, mini-markets, and custom wireless solutions. For this particular channel, Omni-Range uses a data or SMS-only wireless modem or router/gateway that provides from 250 MB to 3 Gigabytes for internet continuity support for these self-serve devices. The M2M or IoT is gaining more popularity called today. IoT (Internet of Things) is a fast-moving and exciting arena that brings demanding connectivity requirements. We at Omni-Range are here to help your company navigate the changing environment and provisions of this soon-to-be ubiquitous environment. We will see millions of new connections in just this coming year and wish to be your trusted partner to help your company grow its ability to gather data in an automated way and not get left behind.