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Quick Guide To Installing Your 3G or 4G LTE Booster Antenna

A cellular booster antenna can increase the signal strength from the cell tower to your modem/router.

The most important part of installing a 3G or 4G LTE directional booster antenna from Omni-Range Wireless is the positioning and orientation of the antenna. Next, you also must plan the length of the cable, because the further away you are from the cellular tower, the higher you must install the antenna to get better line of site. Unless, you are in Big Sky country where you don’t have to be concern with tall trees with long branches.

The Longer the Cable, The Higher the Signal Loss

A long cable can also create some signal loss. So, you might wish to consider getting cables with lower resistance like the LMR-240 and 400. If your cellular tower is up to 3 miles away, a 40 feet LMR cable will perform the trick. The LMR has an impedance of 50 Ohm and a temperature range of -40 to 185 degree.

Getting Started

  • Assemble the antenna and the modem/router
  • Connect your cables to the antenna and the modem/router
  • Power up the modem/router
  • Keep the Router and the antenna outside the house while searching
  • Now, you can patiently move the antenna around the house until you find a suitable signal strength

Hunting for the Elusive and Acceptable Signal Strength

The process of finding a great signal may take some time. You need patience, persistence and knowledge. Patience being an absolute requirement.

If you still cannot find the signal yourself , please call our tech support to help you with the placement.

There are several ways to acquire and test for an acceptable signal strength. The first two that readily come to me are OpenSignal and yes, your modem/router. And oh, you can also use your handy smartphone to determine if a specific location around your house; even the rooftop can deliver a strong signal. You should shoot for a great signal. Great is excellent!

Use your cellular phone to find out which side of the house offers the best signal. As you slowly and patiently move the antenna to identify the right spot, you should allow about 10 seconds for signal reading to be updated. You should never change the position of the antenna too fast, or you will risk missing the reading.

Previewing the Router Response Time

To preview the modem response time, you should first disconnect the antenna, and then reconnect it to see how fast it respond when the antenna is connected to the router. You will clearly discover the delay in disconnecting the booster antenna and the change in the display on the router.

Once, you find the right spot with the best signal, you are now ready to lock down the antenna by installing it. Next, disconnect the router and move it inside the house close to a window for a good signal reception. Next, you can now run the cable(s) through the house to your router.

Finally, Power up the router and begin surfing wirelessly or connect your device to one of the lan ports directly.

You can also perform a speed test ( to make sure that your you are getting the right amount of speed.

Do Not press the reset button on the router. If you do, you will have to send the appliance back to technical support for re-provisioning at a cost of $75.00.