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New Firmware Upgrades

for the OR-600 and OR-1200

Updated Features
• New: Adding the mobile roaming switch.
• New: Adding 4G-PPP protocol, switch between the default Mobile Data protocol.
• New: Showing signal strength details, including RSRQ, RSSI, RSRQ, and SNR.
• New: Adding USB drive support and local SMB sharing function.
• New: Adding guest Wi-Fi and isolated on another firewall zone.
• New: Adding Wi-Fi schedule. Automatically turn on/off every day.
• New: Adding reboot schedule.
• TWEAK: Optimize Wi-Fi transmissions by disabling the Low ACK function.
Download EV3120 Firmware for
Model # | OR-600 | OR-1200 |

Firmware Upgrade Tutorial
DO NOT turn off the power while flashing and resetting the firmware!
If run a critical upgrade with a leap of several versions, please reboot the router after flashed the new firmware.


This requires an Internet connection to download the firmware file online.

Please make sure your 4G router is connected to the Internet.
Log in router admin. Go to Click “System > Backup / Flash Firmware” on the top menu.
Scroll down to the last section of “Online Upgrade“. Click the button of “Check New Version“.
If a newer version is available, it will start to download it automatically, then jump to the verify page.
Click “Proceed” to flash the new firmware. It will keep your current settings.
Wait for 4~5 minutes until finish the flashing job.
Note: If the device lacks Hostname, Model number, or Serial Number, it will fail to download the firmware file. Please use the second option to upload firmware files manually on the web interface.

Log in router admin. Click “Backup / Flash Firmware” under “System” on the top menu;
Upload the firmware package by first downloading the firmware from the link next tot Model#. Click “Browse…” on the section of “Flash new firmware image“, then click “Flash image…“.
Click “Proceed” on the page of “Flash Firmware – Verify“.
Wait for 3 minutes until the router flashed the new firmware and reboot. Log in router admin at gateway IP address The default password is root or admin.