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About Us

Anywhere, Everywhere Wireless

Who is Omni-Range?

Faster 3G and 4G LTE Plus Connections

Omni-Range gives you enhanced wireless 3G/4G LTE broadband connections that enable video streaming, online gaming, small business operation with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps in downloads, while your uploads can range anywhere from 4 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

A More Reliable Wireless Connection

Enjoy the best
The wireless solution provided by Omni-range bridges the gap between slow DSL, satellite internet, Cable internet and expensive leased lines. Always keep in mind that a guaranteed uptime means less cash out of your pocket. The Wireless 3G/4G LTE Plus can provide you the dependable speeds you need at an affordable rate.

A Multi-Band Smart 4G LTE Router

The Omni-Range AIO Modem/Router/Access Point creates a resilience to outages by providing you operation on a cutting-edge, quality data service .

Omni-Range provides work-at-home professionals, small businesses, and consumers in Rural America an all-in-one Modem/Router/Access Point, that that aggregates multiple Bands to give you the bandwidth you require to do business or play. The routers have the capability to conduct self-hunting for the best signal for you to acquire optimum connectivity.

Flexible Solution in A Scalable World

The products we provision and support; Rural Wireless, Work-at-Home, and the Internet of Things can all be upgraded remotely for added features or scaled down for cost savings when the need arises. Omni-Range can easily adapt to your challenging and changing business conditions in terms of service and hardware cost.Omni-Range can always scale up or scale down in the interest of good solid customer service.

Ease of Deployment Everywhere

Since ease of deployment is at the forefront of our design and development ideology, we make it a priority to make sure all our devices and components are “plug and play” in the name of easy setup.We provide an online tech support ticket system with a 24 hour response period support based in the United States.

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